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5 Shocking Video Game Adverts From Magazines, Part 2

Back in the past, video game companies took more risks when it came to promoting their game, and if it means bouncing far beyond the boundaries of tact and taste, you...

5 Shocking Video Game Adverts From Magazines

These days, we have the internet to thank for keeping up to tabs on the latest or upcoming video games. In the past, however, many gamers relied on magazines for...

5 Playable Characters You Probably Didn’t Know About

Playing as soldiers, martial arts experts and space marines is one thing, but can you think of any titles that let you partake in a basketball tourney as an...

The Crow: City of Angels – WTF Wednesday

The Crow: City of Angels - It’s hard to recommend this game to fans of the movie... or people in general!

NSYNC Get To The Show (GBC) – WTF Wednesday

The worst Game Boy Colour game of all time? The sadness wafting off of this game is only matched by the sheer audacity of the marketing team

The Simpsons Wrestling (PS1) – WTF Wednesday

Thankfully, it was the only The Simpsons game released for the PlayStation console.

Extreme Paint Brawl (DOS/Windows) – WTF Wednesday

It is baffling to think what exactly one would practice in Extreme Paint Brawl, as there is no gameplay on offer whatsoever. Yet there is a practise mode.

Hotel Mario (CDi) – WTF Wednesday

Philips and Nintendo - This partnership produced a string of some of the worst-regarded Nintendo franchise games of all time. Including Hotel Mario!

Catfight (PC) – WTF Wednesday

Considered by some the worst video game ever, Catfight comes to you from Atlantean Interactive, the software developer for porn kings Vivid Entertainment.

Toilet Kids (Turbografx 16) – WTF Wednesday

Toilet Kids on the Turbografx 16. There are certainly a lot of terrible shoot-em up games out there, but this, oddly, is not one of them.

Super Table Flip – WTF Wednesday

Forget Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey, they don’t know what’s up. The best game out right now, and possibly of all time, is Super Table Flip.

Mister Mosquito – WTF Wednesday

Some games make you sit back and think: Ok, that’s kind of a good idea for a game but it’s also so WTF that I don’t know how to function. Games that make you...

Sneak’N’Peak (Atari) – WTF Wednesday

Take all the joy out of your favourite childhood pastime, put it into Atari’s almost modernist leaning graphical representation and you've got Sneak'N'Peak

Seaman - Sega Dreamcast

Seaman on Sega Dreamcast – WTF Wednesday

Seaman is perhaps one of the most innovative, if indeed bizarre, games to ever land on any console.

Kwirk (Nintendo Game Boy) – WTF Wednesday

Now, there IS a plot with Kwirk. It’s so ridiculous and unrelated to the game that I’m not going to discuss Kwirk and his girlfriend going out on a bender...

What Were They Thinking? Grey’s Anatomy: The Video Game

The Walking Dead games from TellTale Games may have you thinking that adapting popular television dramas for video game format is not that unique an idea at all.  ...

Coca Cola Kid – WTF Wednesday

The ending of the story is highly sexual and is definitely not suited for its main demographic, "kids". Upon reaching the final stretch of the journey and completing the...

March of the Penguins (Nintendo DS / GBA) – WTF Wednesday

March of the Penguins for Nintendo DS Confounds Imaginations and Defies Gaming Conventions to Produce a Uniquely Horrible Experience