Unreleased SEGA Saturn Demo ‘Ferox’ Appears Online

A playable demo for an unreleased SEGA Saturn game known as Ferox has recently appeared online as a downloadable ISO file.

Ferox, which was previously in development at the UK based studio Hookstone, was a 3D puzzle-themed block moving game that challenged players to move coloured boxes in an attempt to obtain a high-score and clear the level. As players progressed through the game more coloured blocks would become available and the levels would get more difficult.

Development on Ferox originally began in 1997 and this particular demo was created in order to demonstrate the game to publishers; however due to the company going out of business neither the game or this demo made it into public hands. Fortunately the SEGA saturn fan-site (sega-saturn.net) has managed to obtain a copy of this unreleased demo and has now released it online for everyone to enjoy.

Of course if you do decide to obtain the ISO file you will need an Emulator or a specially modded unit in order to play it; but it’s nice to know that previously unreleased games are still being discovered and made public.

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