Fire Pro Wrestling World Now On Steam

You read that right everyone, that new Fire Pro Wrestling game mentioned a while back is now out on Steam! Steam early access anyway. 

If you are dying to play the game and don’t mind encountering some hiccups as it’s still being worked on, you can check the game out right now on Steam. It’s interesting to see as a lot of us assumed that Fire Pro Wrestling had died with that awful XBOX Live Arcade game they made quite some time ago.

Early opinions are that the game is great and return to the series roots. Creating the likes of AJ Styles, Richochet, Hideo Itami, and so many more and battling it out in classic Fire Pro Wrestling fashion is just so darn fun! Thanks to the efforts of Suda 51 and his team for the game so far!

Grapple fans, don’t miss out and check out Fire Pro Wrestling World today!

Are you excited to play some Fire Pro Wrestling? Let us know in the comments which Wrestling game is your favourite!

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