First Micro Machine World Series Screenshots Have Been Released!

Micro Machines FTW!

At long last! Micro Machines World Series screenshots have been released to the world! We’ve got our first look at the upcoming game and it looks AWESOME Featuring a slew of Battle Arenas plastered with loads of licensed properties featured, such as GI Joe and Hungry Hungry hippos!

You’ll find the classic Micro Machine modes are still there, such as Race and Elimination modes, King of the Hill and even Capture the Flag! You’ll also be able to customise your vehicles as you take them through the varying garden, workshop, and kitchen environments that one would expect of the Micro Machines series!

Micro Machines World Series will now be heading to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on 23rd June 2017, with support for up to 12 players online and four playing on the same screen. Check out the first screens below.

Are you excited to play Micro Machines? Let us know!

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