Footage from Unreleased Akira Game Appears Online

Akira has often been hailed as one of anime’s greatest cinematic masterpieces and while the film proved itself to be popular, both in Eastern and Japanese markets, there wasn’t really any video game adaptation of it other than a visual novel released in Japan by Taito.

Well it turns out this wasn’t entirely true; as in 1994 Black Pearl Software, along with publishers THQ, were in the process of creating a game for the SNES, GENESIS and SEGA CD and despite having a build available for show at CES in 1994 the game was never released.

The news of this ‘unreleased’ anime game comes from Unseen64 who recently posted up a video showcasing the build that was shown at CES over 20 years ago.

The build, which actually look extremely good, sees the games opening sequence, a selection of side-scolling-platformer elements and even a bike scene featuring the famous red bike. It’s currently unclear if the build still exists somewhere in the world; but if it does then it would be interesting to see if it ever surfaces online as despite the game being an unfinished & cancelled project it actually looks pretty solid.

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