From Bedrooms to Billions – DVD & Blu-Ray Release

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Available in 4 unique Editions: Standard, Special, Limited and Collector’s!

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“From Bedrooms To Billions” – a movie documenting the history of the UK games industry is set for physical release exclusively at Europe’s Number One Retro Gaming Destination, on Friday 20th March 2015.

Official Trailer

After being successfully funded via Kickstarter the creators went on to develop a fascinating 150 minute in-depth journey told through interviews and archive footage featuring industry legends including Peter Molyneux, Ian Livingstone, David Perry, David Braben, Ben Daglish, Oliver Frey, Miles Jacobson, Jeff Minter and many more.

The movie tells the story of how the creativity and vision of a relatively small number of individuals allowed the UK to play a key, pioneering role in shaping the billion dollar video games industry.

In addition to the original 150min documentary the Special Edition version (available on Blu-Ray and DVD) features over 150min of additional content, numerous game ‘making of’ features, industry stories and ‘making music on the C64’ features with Rob Hubbard and Fred Gray.

The full list of additional footage:
David Braben – “The Making of Elite (Extended Interview)”
Matthew Smith – “The Making of Manic Miner”
Peter Molyneux – “The Making of Populous and then much more”
Jeff Minter – “Making Games and Sheep in Space”
Geoff Crammond – “Developing The Sentinel”
Fred Gray – “Making Music for the Commodore 64”
Jon Ritman – “Making Head Over Heels”
Peter Harrap – “Creating Wanted: Monty Mole”
Jez San – “Teaching Nintendo 3D”
Geoff Crammond – “From Super Invaders to Revs”
US Gold – “Signing Off Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker”
Martin Edmonson – “Creating Shadow of the Beast”
Rob Hubbard – “Making Music for the Commodore 64”
Mike Montgomery – “Creating Speedball 2”
Mel Croucher – “Deux Ex Machina”
Jon Hare – “Creating Wizball”
Jon Hare – “Creating Sensible Soccer”
David Braben – “The Making of Elite”

Working the producers of the film, Gracious Films, Funstock are also launching 2 Limited Edition versions for sale exclusively via

A Limited ‘Collector’s’ Edition version has been revealed that features:

  • Special Limited Edition inlay by famous graphic artist ‘Oliver Frey’
  • Oliver Frey signed and framed print (numbered 1/250)
  • Oliver Frey signed movie poster

In addition to this all pre-orders placed before the release date (20th March 2015) will receive a set of exclusive postcards together with instant access to the digital download version of the film.

General Manager of, Andy Pearson quoted:

From Bedrooms to Billions is the definitive documentary on the UK video games industry. It features virtually every personality you can imagine from the golden age of gaming, with exclusive interviews shot for this movie. It is expertly crafted by veteran film makers with a strong passion for the games industry – and this passion shines through. It is an absolute MUST see for anyone with even the slightest interest in gaming. It’s a fascinating story, told by fascinating people.” Andy Pearson, General Manager,

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Featuring the “who’s who” of the UK video games industry, the full contributor list includes:

Shahid Ahmad, Nigel Alderton, Nick Alexander, Chris Anderson, Mike Austin, Pete Austin, Jim Bagley, David Braben, Gary Bracey, Tom Bramwell, Geoff Brown, Martyn Brown, Simon Butler, Raffaele Cecco, Charles Cecil, Mark Cerny, Rod Cousens, Geoff Crammond, Mel Croucher, Antony Crowther, Ben Daglish, David Darling, Dino Dini, David Doak, Rich Eddy, Martin Edmondson, Eugene Evans, Malcolm Evans, Bruce Everiss, Mark Eyles, Paul Finnegan, Stuart Fotheringham, Oliver Frey, Matt Furniss, Martin Galway, John Gibson, Julian Gollop, Fred Gray, Dawn Hallybone, Bill Harbison, Jon Hare, Peter Harrap, Phil Harrison, Mark Healey, John Heap, Andrew Hewson, Martin Hollis, Dawn Hollywood, Rob Hubbard, Miles Jacobson, David Jones, Mark Jones, Roger Kean, Martin Kenwright, Jason Kingsley, Eugene Lacey, Richard Leinfellner, Ian Livingstone, Rupert Loman, Archer Maclean, Fergus McGovern, Steve Merrett, Jeff Minter, Peter Molyneux, Mike Montgomery, Simon Nicol, Ally Noble, Andrew Oliver, Phillip Oliver, Chris Orton, Andy Payne, Nick Pelling, Gary Penn, David Perry, Ste Pickford, Julian Rignall, Jon Ritman, Jez San, Matthew Smith, Ian Stewart, Peter Stone, Kevin Toms, Steve Turner, Tim Tyler, Bob Wakelin, Andy Walker, Mo Warden, Dominic Wheatley, Steve Wilcox and Jon Woods