Funstock at Revival Retro in Wolverhampton 2013

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Funstock at Revival Retro in Wolverhampton 2013


On the 18th of May, our very own Andy from went to gaze upon the retro gaming delights of the Revival Retro in Wolverhampton.

They had home consoles ranging from the Atari 2600 to The SNES and Classic cabinet games such as Time Crisis (with the awesome light guns that kicked back!), to the Daddy of our very own NEOGEO X GOLD Console with the guts from the old MVS system on show, still humming to this very day!

If you love retro games and you want to indulge some precious childhood memories and nostalgia, this is the event for yo, and we have the pictures.

Check out our range of retro handhelds and consoles and join us, in a truly golden age of video gaming!