Funstock’s Best Video Game EVER!?!

Too many times are we writers on the site trying to sway you the readers with what we like. If it’s me, you’re never gonna hear the end of Sensible Soccer, or The Firemen, maybe a bit of Shadow of the Colossus thrown in for good measure. You have your choices, so does he, and that young lady too. Mine’s not the right decision, and neither’s yours. It’s the right decision for US. And while we’ve seen this kind of vote pop up over the years on various gaming web-sites, we here at Funstock decided it was OUR time to decide OUR collective favourite video game.

This will be a popularity contest, no doubt about it. If your favourite videogame ever is Loom, submit it as your 1st choice. If you decide that Ant Attack, Overwatch, and Mega Man Soccer are your top 3, go for it. If number 5 on your list is Eye of the Beholder, just pipping Bugs Bunny in Crazy Castle, then that’s entirely up to you!

We’re hoping for a big turn-out on this, and it could take a while for us to get together your nomination lists so we can create a bracket for the contest but at the end of the day it should all be a lot of fun, and we’ll get to see what we as a community believe to be THE best game ever! Expect nominations to open up in the New Year for about a week, a few days for us to get the bracket together, and then we can let the voting commence! The more participants, the more fun it will be… and the more violent the status comments will no doubt get. 😀 See ya soon!

Catch me vote-stuffing for Sensible World of Soccer 96/97 @auto2112