Game Of Thrones The 8 Bit Game: Cutesy And Free To Play!

Season 4 of Game of Thrones is tantalisingly close and we’re desperate to get any sort of GoT fix to tide us over until April 6th.

So, what better way to indulge our love of retro gaming and George RR Martin’s fantasy epic than with a free SNES-style game inspired by the series?


Okay, so we’ll leave you to argue between yourselves whether it is actually 8-bit or 16-bit but Game of Thrones The 8 Bit Game is a freeware title created by Spanish comic artist Abel Alves using a piece of programming software called Arcade Game Studio. Better still – you can play it right now! Click here to download it and play it on your desktop.


In this game you will play as four different characters from the TV show (and books), which each one boasting different attacks and abilities. You’ll be able to enjoy four levels, full of enemies and challenges, based on different parts of the saga.

Plus, you’ll get to hear particualrly awesome chiptune renditions of the opening theme tune and the Rain of Castamere too.

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