GameCube Emulation Possible On Latest Samsung Phones!

For the longest time, it seemed as though getting great GameCube emulation on mobile platforms would take years on years to get going well.

Taking the likes of Super Mario Sunshine, Super Smash Bros Melee and even Wind Waker in the palm of our hands seemed like a distant desire never to come to life. That dream is now a reality.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ve got some great GameCube emulation starting to blossom in the palm of our hands at long last!

The Current Climate

PC’s have been caught up in the GC side of emulation for quite some time now. Able to handle pretty much any GameCube game thrown at it provided you had a good enough rig to handle the task.  But the world of Smartphones is catching up to the PC as the latest Samsung Galaxy release has been seen running some incredible GameCube emulation.

The emulation is made possible thanks to the latest Dolphin release. A popular emulator on the PC for anyone wanting to emulate the likes of GameCube and Dreamcast. Dolphin for Android has been around for quite a bit. The Android version in particular is more of a developer tool, as they continue to update the software to catch up with it’s superior PC counterpart.

But the impressive part is just how well the app is emulating these GameCube games. Whereas before we often saw dropping framerates or issues with texture pop in, we’ve got a mobile phone running the games with ease! While the on screen controls look a bit of a mess to work with, it’s nothing using a Bluetooth controller wouldn’t fix.

Impressive right? Darn right it is! Now, we’re not sure if it’ll work on our handhelds just yet as we need to test things across. But if you want some good handheld gaming without the on screen controls, then have a look at our Android Handhelds! From the likes of the GPD XD and BLAZETab Plus. What’s not to love?

Are you excited by this news? What GameCube game do you want to play on a Mobile Phone the most?

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