Gamer Refuses to Loose Umihara Kawase Save Data

A dedicated Japanese individual has managed to secure access to his Umihara Kawase Game-Save by leaving his Super Famicom console turned on for the past twenty years.

For those unaware the Super Famicom titles that allowed players to save their game data used internal batteries and once this battery becomes dead all progress on the cartirdge would be lost. To avoid this issue this Japanese fan opted to leave his Super Famicom console turned on with the game connected; this way if the battery has died the progress will still be left intact.

The game in question is Umihara Kawase, a platform styled game that saw players take control of nineteen-year-old Kawase Umihara and navigate her through various levels and environments. While relatively unknown in the west the game has spawned numerous sequels and in recent times has been released onto the Nintendo 3DS and PC.

It’s an interesting story and its one that shows just how far some people will go to continue enjoying their favourite games.

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