Gamestick Delayed

Anyone looking to get their hands on the Gamestick will be a little disappointed as the Android-powered gaming device has seen its release date shifted from the end of this month until June due to ‘high demand’.

Reportedly, 600 developers who signed up for the development kits will receive them, but anybody who financially backed the Kickstarter campaign will have to wait until June for their device.

Playjam says (via a statement posted on the GameStick Kickstarter page) that this delay has been caused by the high demand for the gaming device and that the company has become “victims of the success we have created together” with its backers.

“The main production run has gone from a few thousand units to tens of thousands of units. This has meant that we have had to change production methods and move to high-volume tooling,” the statement also said.

The original development run planned for 1,000 units using silicon molds (according to the statement) as it turned out, couldn’t cope with the volume of production required by consumer demand.

PlayJam also says that air-freighting the consoles for delivery was too expensive and so they will instead be freighted by sea.

The news has understandably provoked quite a few angry posts from backers in the comment section below PlayJam’s statement.

It’s also worth noting that the longer the GameStick remains out of the market, the more competition it’ll face from similar devices – such as Ouya – when it eventually arrives.