Godzilla 2

Godzilla 2 NES Prototype Cartridge Appears Online

A prototype NES Cartridge for Godzilla 2 has recently appeared online through an eBay auction; with the cartridge itself seeming to be in good condition.

It’s not the first time that rare or collectible games have surfaced online as over the past few months numerous ‘beta’ or ‘test’ versions of games have appeared through auction sites or local auctions taking place across the globe.

No specific information about the prototype has been mentioned but the game, which was actually released onto Nintendo Entertainment Systems in 1991, sees players take control of military forces as they attempt to stop Godzilla, and numerous of monsters, from destroying the surrounding envrionment. Unfortunately despite the game based based on a cultural iconic at the icon it failed to impress players with its complicated gameplay mechanics and obvious lack of storyline.

The protoype NES Cartridge for Godzilla 2 which, as seen in the photograph, has the words SAMPLE list on the front as well as part of the chipboard showing; which is a common trait amongst in games that are still under testing.

You can play Punch-Out!! on the BLAZE TABJXD and GPD XD; all of which are available to order at www.funstockretro.co.uk; alternatively if you own the original cartridge you can play it on the Retron 5.