GoldenEye 007 is being remade in HD by fans!

GoldenEye 007 for N64 was for many, the first multiplayer couch experience with friends. It’s still got a passionate following nearly twenty years after it’s launch. Case in point being the dedicated fans who have made an updated HD remake of the game for Windows!

For those looking to the game for a solo experience, be aware that GoldenEye: Source is only multiplayer at the moment. But that’s no problem, as there are 25 maps to explore, 10 game modes, and all 28 weapons from the original game. Don’t worry about having a top of the line PC either, it’ll run on average to low end PC’s just fine. If you can run Maple Story, you can run this.

It’s not the first time that GoldenEye has been remade, the previous attempts have only been a few levels, never a full remake. If you look at the gameplay trailer above, you can see that the team behind the remake have obviously dedicated countless hours into polishing this experience to the best recreation of GoldenEye 007 thus far.

So, if you want to revisit the classic memories that Golden Eye brought, then don’t wait! Check out the game and enjoy some retro gaming brought to a new life. (Nothing beats the original though!)

You can play GoldenEye 007 on our handheld Android units! Taking it on the go is such an awesome experience! On top of being able to use Netflix and Youtube like a standard tablet? What’s not to love? Click here to have a look!


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