GPD XD: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The GPD XD has proved to be a popular handheld gaming device amongst retro gamers; as not only can the device play NES, SNES, N64, Mega Drive, Genesis, PS1, Dreamcast, MAME titles and many more, but it also offers that portability and durability that other retro gaming devices can only dream of.

As you can probably tell we highly recomend the GPD XD for those wishing to play their favourite retro games on the go – of which you can order one from Funstock Retro – but what if you have already bought one are having some trouble with it?

Well here is a quick and easy ‘FAQ’ to answer those all important questions you may might be having.


Q) What is a GPD XD?
The GPD XD is a handheld android based games tablet that allows you to play retro games (such as SNES, Mega Drive and PS1) as well as use a selection of Android based apps and games through the Google Play Store. The GPD XD can also play media files (such as JPEG, MP4 and MP3 files).

Q) What Colours are available?
The GPD XD is available in Black and Blue (32GB) as well as Red (64GB).

Q) Can i have a 32GB/64GB device in an Alternate colour?
Unfortunately not. The 32GB version is only available in Black and Blue while the 64GB is only available in Red.

Q) Does the GPD XD support an SD Card for additional storage?
Yes; the GPD XD supports a MicroSD Card up to 128GB. The MiroSD Card needs to be in the FAT32 file format.

Q) How do i make my MicroSD Support FAT32 File Format?
Insert the MicroSD Card into your Card Reader (you will need an MicroSD to SD Adaptor) and right click the storage device. Choose format, and then highlight FAT32 and then click ‘Quick Format’. All existing data on the MicroSD Card will be removed so please make sure you have backed-up your files before doing this.

Q) How do i put games (roms) onto my GPD XD?
The GPD XD comes with a built-in app known as HappyChick; simply load-up the app and search for the game you want. The search result will bring up a list of games available and you will be able to download them directly to your device. Alternatively you can click on a games catergory and view the entire selection of whats on offer.

Q) Are the games/emulators free to download?
Yes; all of the games and emulators available through HappyChick are free to download and install. Alternative Emulators downloaded from the Google Play Store however may be available in ‘free’ and ‘paid’ versions.

Q) The game (rom) i want is not available; how do i get it?
The HappyChick app provides access to thousands, if not millions, of games but of course not all titles will be available. Unfortunately we can not tell you where to get games from (a simple google search will help) but any game that is not available can be placed into a corresponding games folder on the MicroSD Card.  (e.g. H:/Games/MAME) and then loaded directly from the MicroSD Card from the Emulator installed on your device.

Q) My emulator won’t work! Is it broken?
No; if an Emulator fails to load-up correctly or does not seem to work simply re-install it. Alternatively if the problem persists you could try downloading a different Emulator to your device. Most Emulators work fine after being installed; but some emulators, such as those for the PS1 and Dreamcast, require the correct BIOS settings to be installed in order to use the Emulator itself.

Q) My game won’t load/play correctly; how do i fix it?
Our first suggestion would be to try a different emulator as some games (rom files) work better with different Emulators. Furthermore if it is a PS1 and/or Dreamcast title then correct BIOS settings will be needed in order to play the game effectively. Be advised some games are known to have defects when being emulated and may be highlighted on the Emulators development website.

Q) Button mapping isn’t working on the emulators I’ve installed – How do I fix this?
Load up the emulator and choose a game. During the game flick the screen up so that the menu options can be displayed (Home Button etc), and then press on the controller. From here you will be able to assign (or re-map) your buttons by simply dragging the button to the on-screen controller layout. To make this process easier to understand we have created a video guide demonstrating how to re-map buttons.

Q) What type of HDMI output does the GPD XD Have?
The HDMI port for the GPD XD is a Mini HDMI. In order to connect to a TV Screen you would need a Mini HDMI to HDMI Cable or a Mini HDMI to HDMI Adaptor.

Q) Can you play the GPD XD using HDMI based devices? Such as Chromecast and AppleTV?
Yes; You can. Simply navigate to the top right hand corner and bring down the menus, you will see the ‘Cast Screen’ function. If you click that, you will be able to set up the appropriate functionality with the device you’d like to use.

Q) Can I change the custom UI to a standard Android style UI?
Yes; If you navigate to the ‘Setting’ tab on the custom UI, then choose ‘Advanced settings’, and lastly ‘Home’ you will see the ‘Launcher3’ icon that looks like this  . Click that icon and you will have your UI set to the standard Android layout.

Q) There are quite a number of files that I don’t need – can I delete these files?
Yes you can; However we do not suggest deleting files from the directory when you plug your GPD XD up to your computer unless you are comfortable with your technical knowledge. A great number of the files on the unit are needed for basic functionality, so removing them can cause any number of issues.

Q) Is there a big guide on any pro tips for my device? (Best emulators and apps)
Yes, this guide: was made by a passionate JXD user and we suggest it for anyone who wants to get the best out of their GPD XD as the two devices follow a similar pattern.

Q) Can I install custom firmware on to the GPD XD?
Yes you can; However please be advised that installing a custom firmware will void its warranty if returned to the retailer for an exchange. The console will need to be set back to factory standard before being returned to the retailer.

Q) How does the GPD XD charge?
The GPD XD is charged via its Mini USB Port. You can either charge the device through a USB port on your computer or use a USB Power Adaptor and charge it from the mains.

Q) Does the GPD XD support Bluetooth?
No, the GPD XD does not support Bluetooth

Q) Does the GPD XD have a webcam?
No, it does not come with a Webcam

Q) Can you get cases for GPD XD?
Cases for the GPD XD are not available in the UK; however cases for the New Nintendo 3DS XL do fit the GPD XD.

Support FAQ:

Q) Where can i buy a GPD XD?
GPD XD’s are available to order from Funstock Retro.

Q) Do they ship the GPD XD from the UK or China?
Funstock ship the GPD XD straight from their UK warehouse and it is sent via a next day parcel force courier that delivers Monday to Friday.

Q) How long is the warranty for the GPDXD?
Funstock offer a 12 month warranty on the product. Further support information can be found at the Funstock Support site.

Q) Are returns/repairs handled in the UK?
Yes; Funstock are based in the UK and any returns/repairs are handled at their UK Warehouse.

Q. I believe there is a different technical problem with my device unrelated to apps or Wi-Fi – what can I do?
Please email support(at) or call 01462 683763 through the week (Monday to Friday) and our support team will advise. Please note that we can only provide support on devices purchased from or– we can’t provide assistance if you have purchased your JXD elsewhere.


The GPD XD is available to order at and is available in 32GB and 64GB variations.