Guy Mods His Car To Play DOOM!

As everyone in the world should be aware of by now, DOOM can be played on nearly everything. Calculators to Printers. There seems to be no machine that can’t play the hottest FPS of all time given enough tinkering. But none of the ways to play so far involved risking your own life in the pursuit of playing a good game of DOOM.

That’s about to change.

Play DOOM behind the wheel!

Youtuber Vexal takes us behind the process of how he tackles the concept of setting his Porsche 911 to be able to play DOOM. He takes us through the entire process, step by step so that you can do the very own with your own wheeled machine. (DON’T DO IT.) It seems really cool if not a bit terrifying. (NO SERIOUSLY.) It looks to even be quite a bit easy to set up, anyone could do it! (DO NOT RISK YOUR LIFE TO PLAY DOOM.)

What do you think of this nifty little bit of engineering?

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