Harvest Moon: Light Of Hope – New Harvest Moon Game Announced!

For many of us, Harvest Moon introduced us to a kind of game that didn’t need to be filled with outlandish action set pieces and graphics that played on some sort of new FX chip. Instead, Harvest moon gave us an experience that was very much rooted in reality, with some otherworldly elements thrown in for good measure. 

A character and management focused experience Harvest Moon is a series that holds a special place is our hearts. So while games like Stardew Valley have filled the void in our hearts since the last release, a lot of fans have been waiting for more news about a new Harvest Moon game. Well, wait no longer everyone.

The latest offering from Natsume will be Harvest Moon: Light of Hope.

Not a lot is known about the project just yet, as Natsume have stated that they are going to be revealing more information during E3. So information like development teams and screenshots are not around just yet, which is quite vital. As the classic feel of Harvest Moon for many fans can only be aced by that of Marvelous Interactive, not the studios that Natsume have tried recently.

Thankfully, if the press release is anything to go off of, we’ll be seeing the return to form that we all want. President and CEO of Natsume, Hiro Maekawa had this to say about the game.

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope will set itself apart from other  Harvest Moon titles with its depth, including a robust story and clear-cut goals. We set out to create an SNES-style nostalgic game with deep and meaningful characters and events, and we are excited to have our fans play it at E3 and tell us what they think!”

It remains to be seen if their claims will hold true. But with the success of Chucklefish’s Stardew Valley is any indication, it’s clear that we want a classic Harvest Moon experience of yesteryear. With the creator of Harvest Moon having met with the creator of Stardew Valley recently, perhaps the message really did stick and we will hopefully see the Harvest Moon we’ve all be waiting for.

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope will be coming to PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch soon.

Are you excited for the latest Harvest Moon game? What would you like to see added to this new entry into the series?

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