Heartwarming tale behind Retro Gaming championship belt!

Everyone loves to have their success acknowledged. However a recent story came about that really tugged at our heartstrings and we think needs to be shared with the Retro gaming community as it brough a smile to our faces. Below is the story from Reddit user McCHitman and his fantastic story.

Click here for the full image of the belt in question.

“Today I received something I’ve wanted for a long time- a championship belt. As a wrestler and gamer I decided to marry the 2.

A few years ago I won the GenCon retro game tournament and it was a pretty good feeling accomplishment. So I decided to have this made to commemorate the event.

I had the champion on the center plate designed after the Nintendo logo on the Black Box games. Coins are scattered around the belt, with 2 piranha flowers coming up the sides.

The game that sealed the deal for me was Mike Tysons punch out it put me so far out in the lead that I really had to try to lose. So one of the side plates has little mac in his win pose. I also have a signed boxing glove from Mike Tyson and a mint copy of Mike Tysons Punchout CIB to display with the belt when things get settled down.

The last side plate has a smaller NES controller a SMB2 invincibility star and the dagger from Ghost n Goblins. This plate represents my family. The star is for my dad, who died when I was 10. He bought me SMB2 as a surprise and it become one of my favorite games. With that star, I’m invincible.

The dagger is for my mom. My mom passed away at 74 in May of this year. In 2009 she was diagnosed with Lung cancer and we had the year from hell. Against all odds and then saying she only had a couple years, she last 7 more, and she didn’t even die from the cancer. She had cancer 4 times in her life and overcome it each time. The definition of a fighter. When she became unable to work, she played the Wii, possibly more than anyone else ever. It was on night and day because she hardly slept. But her favorite game was Ghost n Goblins. She never beat it, but she could continually get further than she had any business to haha. She despised the fire and loved the dagger, it was her favorite weapon. A fitting weapon for a fighter.

Mom was excited to see this belt. It saddens me that she didn’t get to hold it and take a goofy picture with it in her Lucha mask on.”

All in all, it’s a heart warming reminder of just how important Retro games mean to all of us and just what sort of feelings they can invoke and how important it is to spend time with those you love. Does anyone have a special meaning behind a game for themselves?

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