Category: History of Retro

International Karate Plus – Throwback Thursday

Time to get clever and gang up on the other guy; it's International Karate Plus for every system ever made!

Dragonheart: Fire & Steel – Terrible Tuesday

Let's take a look at the game of the movie Dragonheart, for the PS1. Brace yourselves, you're about to get yo' asses burnt by this monstrosity.

Happy Birthday to the Late Ralph Baer – The Godfather of the Video Games Industry

What was the first games console? Who invented video games? If you're looking for one place in time when it all started - look no further than Ralph Baer.

Greendog- Midweek Mega Drive Madness

Taking some time out with Greendog, the beached surfer dude on Sega Mega Drive!

Game Gear TV Tuner – Sexy Accessory Sunday

Ah, the early 90s. 4 terrestrial channels were what we made do with and if you were lucky, your parents paid for cable TV so you could get Sky One, Nickelodeon, The Box,...

Yoshi’s Island – Super Nintendo Saturday

I don’t usually write about the really big games of a system’s catalogue. I prefer to talk about lesser known games, in the hope of educating someone on an...

Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon (MS-DOS) – Friday’s Forgotten Few

When every gamer was a pirate back in the late 90s, PC discs with a selection of 10 – 15 games were all the rage. Games were often missing things like cut-scenes...

Ecco the Dolphin – Midweek Mega Drive Madness

'You can't judge a book by its cover' was never more apt than when this little fella entered the Sega Mega Drive arena; Ecco the Dolphin ladies and germs!

Kasumi Ninja (Atari Jaguar) – Terrible Tuesday

I have wanted to write about this piece of tripe for a LONG time. I played this Atari Jaguar 'exclusive' over 20 years ago and still the pain remains.

The Top 5 Best Super Mario Power-ups

From the mushroom to the iconic fire flower, Mario has always had awesome power-ups. But what are the best Super Mario power-ups? And on which platforms?

6 Games That Should Have Got A Sequel

For one reason or another, these games were critically-acclaimed hits that somehow never got around to giving us another entry.

The Adventures of Batman & Robin (SNES) – Super Nintendo Saturday

One of the best cartoons in history saw an equally entertaining release in 1994 for the Super Nintendo, The Adventures of Batman & Robin!

Buggy Boy (Commodore 64) – Throwback Thursday

We go hoofing footballs from race tracks whilst boogieing in our buggy: It's Buggy Boy (Commodore 64)!

Desert Strike – Midweek Mega Drive Madness

Get those rockets a-flying in EA's Desert Strike!

Goldeneye (N64) – Multiplayer Monday Madness

Let's check out one of the most fondly remembered multi-player games of all-time, Goldeneye for the N64!

Friday’s Forgotten Few – Exhumed

Checking out the now forgotten Egyptian based FPS title, Exhumed. Get walking like one ladies and gents...

The Top 10 Gameboy Advance Games (GBA Gaming Classics)

Some believed the Game Boy Advance was a portable Super Famicom... but actually, it was way more powerful than that!

The 10 Biggest Gaming Releases in 1991

1991 - a year of groundbreaking titles that changed the industry forever. Featuring Street Fighter, Sonic, Zelda & More!