How to set up your SmartBoy in 5 Easy Steps

Here’s a short guide to help you set up the SmartBoy as quickly as possible, so you can get on with re-living those classic Game Boy games!


The Hyperkin SmartBoy is a best-seller on In case you didn’t know already, the Smart Boy lets you play your Gameboy and Gameboy Colour cartridges like never before, converting your Android Smartphone into a handheld retro-gaming device. This means you can experience the satisfaction of retro physical controls with the benefit of backlit graphics, which are up-scaled to your smartphone’s resolution.

There are a few things you need to do before you get started, so we’ve put together this Quick Set Up Guide to help…


1. Get yourself to the Google Play store!

You need to download two free apps to use the SmartBoy – the SmartBoy Companion app and the My OldBoy! app. This should be quick and easy.


2. Slot your phone into the Smart Boy

Launch the SmartBoy Companion app and insert your phone into the Smart Boy. For larger phones, press the small black button on the back of the device to pop the sides out. (Squeeze sides to close again after you’ve finished playing).


Your device may ask if Smart Boy Companion should be used as default for this device. If the message is partially obscured, you can use the physical buttons to accept – DOWN>DOWN>B


3. Loading the game

Place your Game Boy or Game Boy Colour Cartridge in the back of the device. The Smart Boy Companion app will automatically load the game data.

Once the load is complete, press Run Launch Software.



4. Running the game

The My OldBoy! App will run automatically and present a file directory.

Within the file directory select: sdcard/HyperkinSmartboySerial/ (This may change slightly depending on your device, but should be straightforward)

You game will begin!



5. Time to say hello to some old favourites!


zelda oracle of ages Super Mario Gameboy Colour

Rayman gameboy colour Tomb Raider Gameboy Colour