How to Watch TV, Movies And Video on Your JXD S7800

androidHow to Watch TV, Movies And Video on Your JXD S7800

Video playback on your JXD S7800 is really easy – the device uses Android OS, giving you access to all of the apps and streaming services that you’d expect from an Android phone or tablet, unbound by the limitations of video streaming on Apple devices. You’re also watching video on a huge LCD screen – and the device supports audio and visual file playback from SD card, further expanding your entertainment options. Our guide looks at some of the options available to anyone wondering how to watch TV, movies and video on your JXD S7800.


The device comes with the YouTube app pre-installed – just connect to your Wi-Fi network and and you’re ready to go. The device supports 720p HD playback – videos look great on the big screen.

Netflix & Hulu


Netflix, Hulu and other premium streaming apps can be added to your JXD S7800 via a free download on the Play store – you’ll need a paid account to access these services, though.



We haven’t tried this one ourselves, but we’ve been advised by users that it’s an excellent (and free!) TV and movie streaming service – get it by searching “Cool Video App” on Google. We can’t guarantee anything with this one or offer support, though.

Video Playback

By accessing your JXD’s directory on your PC via USB mode (see here for more info on that), you can drag and drop files onto the device from your PC. Stick in a big SD card, load your device with video, and take your JXD on the go with a pair of headphones – it’s much easier to take out and about than a laptop or notebook PC, but with an HD screen to compete. Perfect!

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  • Jake_Bullet_Cybernautic_Detect

    What is the quality of the video when playing back? Recently had to send back a galaxy tab s 4 because the video playback used to randomly skip two or three frames every 20 seconds and it bugged the hell out of me. Thanks! 🙂