Hugh Jackman Meets Mario Kart Characters In Tokyo

Huge Jackedman himself was spending some time in Japan to promote Logan in Japan, as Japanese releases take quite some time to release in the land of the rising sun. For example, the Blockbuster Power Rangers reboot film will be released in July for the Japanese public.

The popular actor was making his way through the busy street of Tokyo when he encountered a group of Mario Kart drivers next to his car, his enjoyment and shock to the situations gives off some good vibes as it’s clear he appreciates the good-natured gaming goodness he’s witnessing.

Check out his video down below.

It appears to be a thing you can do in Japan, like a group tourist activity. No information is available on where you go to enjoy this Mario Kart experience, but it looks pretty darn fun. Hugh seemed to enjoy it at least!

What about you? Would you like to ride up and down a city dressed as a member of the Mario gang? Let us know in the comments!

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