Hyperkin Hyper Click – A Retro Styled Mouse For The SNES

Hyperkin gives us a SNES Mouse for the ages

The Hyperkin Hyper Click has floated around forums and word of mouth as a rumour for a bit now, and we now have the reveal of the unit at last! It looks pretty neat overall, the SNES had a few games that would be utilised better if paired with a mouse. Affordable SNES accessories like the Hyperkin Hyper Click are a bit hard to come by now in a mint condition, so this new product is a perfect pairing for those of us who want an affordable and pristine mouse peripheral for the SNES!

The Hyperkin Hyper Click comes with a SNES USA colour scheme, unlike the one we know here in the UK. Sports a 6ft cable and what looks to be a solid mouse design. It seems to not have any aspects that would make it ‘spongy’ to click and seems like a great budget mouse. You can read the full description down below.

Point yourself in the right direction with the Hyperkin Hyper Click Retro Style Mouse for SNES. Perfect for Mario Paint and other compatible titles, the Hyper Click is an essential peripheral for retro gamers. Its comfortable shape provides a slight modern amenity to a classic-style peripheral.

  • SNES compatible
  • Perfect with Mario Paint and other compatible SNES mouse titles
  • Iconic retro-style colour scheme
  • Smooth and responsive cursor control, perfect for drawing, commanding troops, or fragging enemies
  • 6 ft. cable

The Hyperkin Hyper Click will be released in North America this July!

Our question to you all however is, would you be interested in getting this? It’s priced at 20 USD, so it’ll be similar if sold by us here in the UK. But the question remains, would you want to buy this over here guys? Let us know as we’d like to know your opinion! 

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