Inside The Gaming Room of a Full Time Prop Maker

Reddit user ‘Volpin’ shared his stunning games room last night. It features an incredible collection of custom made gaming props including pieces based on Skyrim, Zelda, Horizon Zero Dawn, League of Legends, Half Life 2, Portal, Sunset Overdrive, Tomb Raider, Mass Effect (1 and 2), Fallout, Soul Calibur (our personal favourite) and more!

It features a combination of custom built props (check out his website here) and items amassed through sites such as Etsy, Facebook (friends) and more. Check out the full collection below!

On gray wall, from left



White wall, from top left:

White wall, from left:

A closer look at the Transistor and Shadow Sharpshot Bow. Easily two of my favorite pieces from two of my favorite games. The Portal Gun was my first ever replica, built nearly 10 years ago.

Display case houses a bunch of random things. From top:

Shield of Whiterun Coffee Table: me (


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