Interview With Daniel Ibbertson – AKA SlopesGameRoom

Youtube is quickly becoming a fantastic landscape for Retro Gaming. It seems to be reaching a point where there is less of a focus on people shouting in front of a camera with overacted expressions for silly games, and more heart and passion being put towards the classic games of yesteryear.

It’s refreshing to see that gaming is becoming such a well loved topic in terms of content, and it’s thanks in part to the hard working individuals who stay up til the early morning working on scripts, recording audio for hours, and splicing together well edited content for all of us to enjoy.

We here at love that sort of dedication and want to further shine a spotlight on the people who are hard at work within the Retro Gaming community.

So we’ve reached out to one of the rising stars within the scene, Daniel Ibberston. Known better to the internet as DJSlope of SlopesGameRoom, one of the best channels to find amazing history videos on classic Retro games! Daniel has been hard at work since 2011 doing Youtube and has pumped out amazing video after amazing video.

From his complete history of the Double Dragon series, which you can read about here. To his latest video showcasing some unknown Youtubers who deserve more subscribers and attention, showing how much he cares about the community in spades.

If you don’t know Daniel, then check out his Youtube channel here and make sure to subscribe. He’s one of the hardest working Retro Gaming Youtubers in the scene today! So join us as we talk to the DJ himself, and learn what makes him tick.


1. What inspired you to start Youtube exactly? When did you pick up the bug of wanting to tell the world about video games?

Like most people doing the same thing I became quite obsessed several years ago looking for content, ANY content on YouTube that was related to gaming. After exhausting all the obvious YouTuber’s videos, I realized that gaming histories and documentary style videos about gaming’s past were the ones that influenced me the most.

After about 6 months of procrastinating and perfecting my style behind the scenes, I finally decided that enough was enough and hit the upload button and Slope’s Game Room was born on June 10th 2014

2. SlopesGameRoom, is there any particular meaning behind the name?

Before I created content on YouTube I was a full time DJ called DJ Slope playing in local clubs as well as Download Festival in Derby every year (Something I still do to this day.)

The Word “Slope” itself actually came from a scene in the Jack Black Movie “Shallow Hal

You can’t come back with a comeback after eight seconds. You got three seconds. Five, tops. It’s called a quip, not a sloooowwwwp.

3. What is your favourite video game series of all time? Why as well?

So many games come to mind with newer franchises such as Uncharted, Portal & Burnout being up their with some of the best games I have ever played. If we look at Retro however, I am very much into games like the original Sonic trilogy, Metroid series, Castlevania 2D games, Micro Machines, Streets of Rage… the list is endless

OK, so I have got to pick one… PIKMIN! Never am I more excited than when a new Pikmin game is announced 🙂

Most game series have at least 1 game in the franchise that let’s it down. However, so far I have completed that original trilogy of games more times than I care to admit and so far everything about Pikmin has been brilliant in my eyes.

Let’s just hope that this boring looking 2D platformer doesn’t kill the franchise and Nintendo release Pikmin 4 on the Switch with online multiplayer!!! *crosses fingers*


4. What’s been the most rewarding part about doing Youtube?

The comment section! For so many years I have been aching to talk to other people about gaming and get into real “discussions” about my opinions.

I love it when people tell me why they think I’m right or wrong and share their personal experiences with me, I find this sort of thing so interesting.

5. Your rise to fame is starting to take off rather quickly! Looking back on things, who are some of the Youtubers or shows that inspired you the most?

The 1st video that made me want to make the sort of videos I now release on a weekly basis was AVGN’s SwordQuest video. Sure it had the wacky OTT humour the nerd is known for but it also told an interesting story that I have never heard before.

You also have Larry Bundy Jr’s… well… pretty much all his videos! I love learning new things and nobody knows more about the obscure side of gaming than that guy.

People like Rerez, ChinnyVision, The Gaming Historian, Jonny Nitpick, Jimmy Hapa and Blast Processing inspire me to constantly make better looking content.

And then you have people like Lazy Game Reviews and Kim Justice that always surprise me by making video’s about stuff that SHOULDN’T be interesting… but it is! But that’s far from the full list anyway! 😛

6. What are your hopes for the future of SlopesGameRoom?

To never stop, I love doing this, and I love that people actually enjoy listening to me.

This year I have made a new video every week and my plan for next year is to do the same with more or a focus towards “The Complete History” series. I love making these videos and people really seem to enjoy watching them too

On top of that I am looking at becoming a lot more focused on social media (Facebook and Twitter) but more about that on January 1st 😉 #WatchThisSpace


7. Is there any piece of advice you’d like to give anyone who is thinking of starting a video series like you have?

Go ahead and do it, then share it with me (I’m always looking for new content.)

Do not be put off by the fact that you will start off as a small fish in an enormous pond. If you…

• Put the time and effort in to your videos
• Put them out on a weekly basis and
• Learn the ways of social media promotion.

Then (as long as your videos are the best you can make them) you WILL get noticed and people will enjoy them.

My biggest regret is not starting YouTube sooner. If you take it seriously, it WILL pay off!

8. What is your favourite video that you’ve done so far?

Probably my “Johnny Turbo: The Worst Mascot Ever!!!” episode.

Not only did I get to push myself a lot further with editing than I have done before but I also got to work with several YouTubers that like I said above inspired me to create a channel in the 1st place.

Also, the story and cool twist at the end of the video helped make it a personal favourite that (according to the comments section) really did surprise a lot of people.


9. What’s been the hardest thing about making videos that you’ve come to learn after doing them for so long?

Creating a deadline for myself is probably my latest struggle.

I never know how long a video will end up being and sometimes (like my “Double Dragon: The Complete History” and “Shinobi: The Complete History” videos) they become incredibly hard to create and result in many late nights of editing.

10. Is there a video that might not get the attention you wish it would? If so, what would that be?

Not really. I know when I creating videos like “GILBERT: The Forgotten Mascot” which is based on a forgotten UK TV Mascot, that it will never be as popular as something like “Streets of Rage: The Complete History” because of the fan service behind it. I just make them because I want too.

Sadly that’s just the way YouTube is, if your video is not a commonly searched for title then it will never be as popular as something that is.

I suppose one video that I wanted to be more popular than it ended up being was the “Nintendo World Championship Gold Cart Sold for $50!” video. Due to it telling the story of how 1 guy was able to get 10 of the most rarest game cartridges ever made for a dirt cheap price. It also features an interview with the man himself.

The final question is from our General Manager himself! Andy Pearson. He wanted to ask you the following question:  Which video of yours was the most challenging to put together and why?


MY GOD! THAT VIDEO ALMOST KILLED ME, every night staying up until very early hours of the morning… going to work and doing it again. I finished the video about an hour before I uploaded it and became so exhausted that I ended up becoming ill (I was drinking a lot of sugar filled drinks which didn’t help too.)

Thankfully the video was one the videos that has been responsible for my recently surge in views and subscribers.

I have learned from my lesson, plenty more videos like that will be made but I need to plan them in advance a bit more, haha!

That’s our interview with Daniel! It was such a pleasure to learn more about the man behind SlopesGameRoom and we hope for nothing but the best for him in the future!

You can check out Daniel on his Youtube channel here. Follow him on Twitter here. Also can support him on Patreon here! Make sure to show him tons of love as he is one of the best Youtubers making content in the Retro community right now!


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