Jeff Minter Interview – Jeff Minter AMA (Ask Me Anything) at Play Expo Blackpool 2015

Jeff Minter Interview – Jeff Minter AMA (Ask Me Anything) at Play Expo Blackpool 2015

Here is our recording of the Jeff Minter interview from Play Expo last weekend!

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01:00 – Jeff talks about how he got his break in the games industry

08:00 – Jeff talks about not being able to see in stereoscopic 3D and how that affects using the Oculus Rift, and confirms his interest in VR

15:00 – Jeff discusses remakes and reinventions of classic games and series

17:30 – Jeff advises an aspiring programmer

18:50 – Jeff discusses the role of narrative in games

20:00 – Jeff discusses making games with a two-man development team

21:30 – Jeff discusses working with Microsoft

24:15 – “A week in the life of Jeff Minter” – Sheep, coding and Skyrim

27:45 – Jeff’s favourite game of all time

29:00 – Jeff on making games that aren’t shooters

33:45 – Jeff on developing for the Atari Jaguar

39:00 – Jeff’s video game industry idol

41:00 – Jeff’s relationship with gaming

51:45 – Jeff on modern gaming hardware and the benefits of working within limitations

53:20 – Jeff discusses the most difficult system to program for