Jim Bagley

Jim Bagley: An Interview with a Games Developing Icon

If you have never heard of Jim Bagley then you are either at the wrong website or have never read the credits on any game in the past thirty years; as Jim Bagley is one of the UK’s most well-known game developers and has worked on platforms ranging from the Spectrum to the iOS platform.

Over his thirty year career Jim Bagley has helped gamers explore new worlds in various different means, with my personal favourites including Midnight Resistance and Strike; and in recent times has received a Guinness World Record for creating the worlds biggest game on the ZX81 which was actually a port of Dragon’s Lair clocked in at 16mb.

To talk about these achievements, and to ask him some all important questions, we caught up with Jim Bagley at the recent Play Expo Blackpool event for a quick interview.

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