Pac-Man Perfect Scored Achieved by Modern Day Arcade Champion Jon Stoodley

After six years of practice, and six hours twenty-five minutes worth of game-time, Jon Stoodley has successfully managed to achieve his goal of obtaining a perfect score in Pac-Man in front of a live audience; and it was all done on a cabaret style cabinet at the latest Play Margate event, run by the great guys at Replay Events, in Margate, Kent (which also featured the ‘Classic Gaming Championships’ – sponsored by

A perfect game in Pac-Man occurs when the player manages to achieve a perfect score on the first 255 levels; a feat which can only be accomplished by eating every possible dot, every power pellet, every piece of fruit and every possible ghost on all boards with only one life. After which on the 256th level, which as many will know becomes a jumbled mess of code, the player must then eat every piece of pellet accessible before dying and repeating the process. If one manages to do this then the magic score of 3,333,360 can be ontained; a score which Jon Stoodley managed to achieve during his live freehand play through at the event.


Achieving a perfect score in Pac-Man has previously been done before in America by Billy Mitchell; but what makes this story interesting is that Jon Stoodley is the first person within Europe to do it, which is an accomplishment in itself.

Following on from his successful attempt at getting a perfect score in Pac-Man Jon has already confirmed that he will be moving on to conquer other games in the future and as such we will look forward to his next challenge.

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