JXD S7800 – Frequently Asked Questions


Most JXDS7800 users tell us that they easily set their devices up without any issues – but we do receive some questions along the way. Some queries are more common than others, so we’ve put together this little guide to help you out with any problems you may be having.

Q. I’ve just received my JXD S7800 and the screen is slightly scuffed/there are some visible air bubbles – is the screen damaged?

It isn’t – the JXD ships with two layers of screen protection – some dust may be visible on the first layer, and air can be trapped between the two layers, forming bubbles. The screen protectors are there simply to protect the device during shipping, and are designed to be removed by the user after setup – the screen itself will be incredibly sharp, clear and without any scuffs or marks.

The second screen protector is very thin, and it may not even be obvious that it is there initially – we recommend removing both of the pre-installed screen protectors to ensure you get the clearest possible image from the device. If you are concerned about a risk of damage to the screen, we recommend applying fresh screen protectors of your own.

Q. I’ve received my JXD but the packaging says it is an S7800 (not S7800b) and also that it is 8GB (not 16GB) – should I be worried?

There’s nothing to worry about – we only retail the S7800B model, and only currently in the 16GB size. The manufacturer – for a period – produced boxes that incorrectly denote “S7800” (there is no “S7800” model per se – only S7800A and S7800B, and we only retail S7800Bs) and feature an “8GB” memory graphic – even if you have a 16GB device. If you go to Settings > Storage, you’ll see that you actually have around 13.5GB free (the rest is reserved for the OS).

Q. When I go to storage, my new 16GB device is claiming I only have a small portion available e.g. 2/3GB – why is this?

Very occasionally, you may need to look at “SD card” (even though there isn’t a physical SD card, the internal memory is called “SD card”) – this is where the rest of the storage will be. You’ll have the same amount of storage available, with the device partitioning it in this way. If you connect your JXD to a PC via USB, the full storage capacity will be accessed and displayed.

Q. I can’t download games from Happy Chick – why does my Wi-Fi not work?

If you can connect to your router and browse the internet/Play store/YouTube etc. with your device, the Wi-Fi functionality on the device is not at fault. If the Happy Chick service is spotty or providing slow/incomplete downloads, this is a fault with Happy Chick (an app operated separately from your device). We have no affiliation with Happy Chick and we’re unable to provide support for any issues with the service.

Q. Are your JXDs shipped from Asia or the UK?

All of our JXD S7800 devices are shipped from the UK. When they are listed as “In Stock” on our site, it means we have the consoles in our UK warehouse, ready to ship. Shipping is free within the UK, with prices for international shipping available to preview on the listing.

Q. I’m having performance issues with games that I’m running directly from Happy Chick….

We definitely do not recommend playing downloaded games natively in Happy Chick – if you do use the service to procure game files, always play them in a dedicated emulator app. We’ve heard reports of games running poorly in Happy Chick – it’s main use is as a download service, and you’ll get vastly improved results from a dedicated emulator.

Q. The buttons won’t work on the emulators I’ve added – how do I fix this?

Go into the settings of the emulator and check out the button-mapping options.

Q. I want to add games to my JXD – is there a better alternative to Happy Chick?

Yes – by connecting the device to your PC and adding files by drag-and-drop. This is a very straightforward process and is much faster than using Happy Chick. See here for more info.

Q. Are games/emulators free?

Emulators from the Emulator Store app are free – there are also many free emulators available on the Play Store, with some premium versions.

Premium apps from the Play store may cost money – you pay for these with your Google account wallet just as you would when buying apps for any Android device.

While standalone Androids apps may be premium, you should never have to pay for game files to use on emulators. Game files that can be played on the emulators are available outside of the Play store, either by searching online and adding them to your device via drag-and-drop, or from the Game Center app.

We are not able to offer support on the emulators themselves. However, the developers of the emulators usually have a support site/email address.

Q. There seems to be a lot of files on my JXD I don’t need – can I delete them?

No – we don’t recommend deleting files from the directory when you connect your JXD to your PC unless you are absolutely certain of their purpose. Some of these files are integral to the proper functioning of the device, and deleting them can cause problems.

If you need to return your JXD to us for any reason, please use the preset factory reset option in the Settings app on the device – this will clear all data (including personal data such as email addresses, credit card info and browser history) from both the device and the SD card. If you have deleted something that’s affecting the functionality of the device, go here to download a new set of core files – we’re unable to offer technical support on restoring a JXD that is not functioning because a user deleted core files.

Q. This emulator/game doesn’t run properly – is my device broken?

No – emulators vary in performance and functionality, and any issues getting a game to load or run correctly are independent to the functionality of the device. We can’t offer support on specific emulator apps published on the Android store – more information will be available online to help you use these. As a general rule, we’d say that if you are having trouble running games on a specific emulator, seek out an alternative emulator and try them on that. If the emulator generally works but a game file is not running correctly, try downloading a different dump of the game file. More info on adding game files is available here.

Q. Do you sell a carry-case for the JXD?

Not currently – we’re also not aware of a dedicated case we can recommend. Users have recommended small notebook computer cases in the past.

Q. When I click the Game Center app, I get the error message: “GameCenter.apk is not exist!”, and the Emulator Store app is blank – is this a big problem? Can I get them back?

It’s nothing to worry about – you can download the Game Center .apk from here, add it via USB mode (how to do that is delineated here), and navigate to the file on your device using Explorer, which will prompt reinstallation. Emulator .apk files are available online, or via the Play store. We’d really recommend using the drag-and-drop method anyway, which circumvents the need to use Game Center/Happy Chick at all. We’d also recommend checking out the Play store for alternative emulator options.

Q. The faceplate on my JXD seems slightly raised/loose – how do I fix this?

Occasionally, the faceplate may be slightly raised on factory new models – it will click back into place and should not come loose again.

Q. I believe there is a different technical problem with my device unrelated to apps or Wi-Fi – what can I do?

Please email support(at)funstock.co.uk or call 01462 683763 through the week and our support team will advise. Please note that we can only provide support on devices purchased from Funstock.co.uk – we can’t provide assistance if you have purchased your JXD elsewhere.

Thinking about buying a JXD? Our JXD consoles are dispatched from the UK – for info and order details, click here – use code NEWSFUN for 5% off!

  • Davi Felismino

    hello my brother have this machine jxd s7800b but always whey he try play some games 3d like dead trigger 2.mortal kombat x..nova 3.. dead space .. psp.. and dreamcast emulators the device is very hot and crash the games with some weird screen am really apreciate if this problem have some solution thank you

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  • JC 1976

    If I buy a jxds7800 can the kids play it in the car or do they need to be connected to the wifi ? They have a long journey every other week and thought this would be good to keep them occupied ….. But would it work ??

  • Gucek

    good device, but the touch-screens are dying like crazy.. and there is no replacement anymore.. 🙁

    • Sadly JXD as a company are out of the door from the looks of things. If you want the next JXD, the closest you’ll find is the BLAZETab Plus.