JXD S7800 – Gamesome Frontend App

When you really start to build up your JXD game library, the game-collecting obsessive in you might be fighting the urge to carefully organise your files just as you would a physical collection. But there’s an easy way to satiate that fervent need to categorise – and you can even have the digital box art, too.


The Gamesome Frontend app is free on the Play store, and it’s absolutely essential for virtual retro collectors on Android. Here’s what you need to do to set it up (good news – it’s really easy):

Before you start, you’ll need emulators and game files for the app to scan for –  for more info on downloading games to your JXD S7800, click here.

1. Select the Play store app on your JXD’s app screen and search “Gamesome Frontend”.

2. Download & install – it’s not a big file and should only take a few minutes, depending on your Wi-Fi speed.

3. Open the app. You’ll be asked to download the OpenVGDB file – do it!


4. Once that’s done, select a platform that you have an emulator and game files on your JXD for.


5. Select the top row on the column on the left-hand side, and press on your chosen emulator – it’ll be denoted by a little icon (in this case, we’re using the GBA Emulator available from the JXD’s Emulator Store app, and the emulator is signified with a picture of a GBA console and the title “My Boy!”).


6. Then press “Set ROM directory” and navigate to your GBA game folder.


7. Then hit “Refresh List”. And you’re done!


8. Your game library will be annotated with box art. Just press and hold to bring up the menu…


9. …and start playing!


Please note that we are not affiliated with the developers of Gamesome Frontend in any way, and the app is not designed specifically for the JXD – so we can’t offer technical support on this one. As JXD users, though, we’ve found it’s far and away the easiest method of organising a digital game collection.

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