jxd s7800 review

JXD S7800B Reviews

JXD S7800 Reviews

Here’s a quick roundup of JXD S7800B reviews:

Micro Mart Magazine

jxd s7800 review

“The JXD S7800b is an extraordinary gaming tablet. It’s unique, and a pleasure to use. The £130 investment is worth every penny for the retro console emulation side of things alone, but when added to the fact that this device is more than capable of playing modern Android games as well as being a tablet, its features outweigh the cost. In short, highly recommended and excellent fun.”  


“As Android emulators are growing in both force and strength, there’s never been a better time to invest in such a device – something made better knowing that there’s nothing else that comes close with the JXD S7800b in terms of power, form-factor, and price.”


“For retro players, the S7800B is likely to present a very attractive purchase. It runs pretty much every classic system from the past few decades and offers excellent control options as well. Add to this a decent screen, expandable storage and a low price point, and you’ve got an eminently viable alternative to the likes of the Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita.”

The Gadget Show

“For this sort of money, for this sort of quality of leisure time experience – and the flexibility to use it as a conventional tablet – it doesn’t get much better”

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