Kaettekita Mario Bros

Kaettekita Mario Bros Receives English Fan Translation

A Japanese Famicom Disk Game known as Kaettekita Mario Bros, which was actually an enhanced version of the original Mario Bros game, has recently received an English fan translation and been released online for others to enjoy.

Kaettekita Mario Bros attempts to recreate the arcade version of Mario Bros, which saw 2-players (Mario & Luigi) competing against each other for the highest score by defeating enemies that come out of the pipes; but expands upon it within adverts for Japanese products in between each game world.

Kaettekita Mario Bros Screen 2

It’s an interesting little title and offers a different perspective on the Mario Bros game that we should all be familiar with. Those who wish to try out Kaettekita Mario Bros can do so as a ROM of this English translated version has now been released into wild and it’s fully compatible with most emulation devices, such as android based gaming tablets like the GPD XD, BLAZE TAB and JXD.

For the time being though you can check out the gameplay video of Kaettekita Mario Bros by Youtuber Hotaru Futaba below.

You can play Kaettekita Mario Bros, and the original Mario Bros game, on the GPD XD, BLAZE TAB and JXD which are available to order at www.funstockretro.co.uk.