Remember Desert Strike? Kickstarter Campaign KILLSTORM Is Bringing Back Retro Isometric Chopper Combat

At the end of last week, British indie game developers Nice Touch Games announced a Kickstarter campaign to bring their new military action title KILLSTORM to PC/Mac and mobile gaming devices.


Inspired by the isometric helicopter shooters of the 1990’s (think Desert Strike, Jungle Strike and Urban Strike) the retro action of KILLSTORM sees players take the seat of a lethally-armed, highly agile attack helicopter to strike against enemies in a re-imagining of a 16-bit classic. Missions will be many and varied with time of day changes and multiple environments allowing for desert, forest and ocean strike targets.


Nice Touch Games was started in 2011 by veteran AAA developers, Richard Bunn and David Green, who have worked on titles like Black, Burnout and 8 Days at some of the biggest companies in the industry including EA, Criterion and Sony Computer Entertainment.

The team chose Kickstarter because they want to build and engage a community of fans that will help shape KILLSTORM. Knowing how passionate many gamers are about retro titles, opening up the development process is an important factor in creating a high caliber video game that people want to play.


The Kickstarter campaign began on March 28th and will run for 30 days with the hopes of hitting a £10,000 goal. Reward tiers include a download of the game, early Beta access and exclusive Kickstarter backer-only content.

If you want to sample what KILLSTORM has to offer, you can even play a demo of the game on the Kickstarter page. You can also see what the gaming community are saying about the game on Steam Greenlight: