Largest Collection Of Video Game Merchandise & Memorabilia IN THE WORLD (Officially!)

Worlds Largest Collection Of Video Game Merchandise & Memorabilia Confirmed by Guinness Book of World Records!

While many of us here at Funstock are able to showcase a large collection of retro games, but nothing compared to this guy!

Most of us at Funstock have a pretty extensive collection of games, but when it comes to memorabilia, this guy takes first prize, quite literally! Starting with a small Mario figurine bought for him by his parents, he has continued to collect just about every collectable for most of the major franchises, with most importantly a focus on the retro!

His collection consists of over 8,000 toys, ranging from Mario, to Zelda, to Kirby and Megaman (to name a few) with some truly rare collectables such as prototypes and factory samples. His dedication has seen him being inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records for his outstanding dedication to video game collectables.

Would you like to see some Mario merch on Thinking of starting a collection yourself? do you have a collection that you would like to share with us? please comment and let us know!