Last Day of Dingoo A330 Special Price Deal

Have you got your Dingoo A330 yet? If not then hurry! The special price of £69.99 is expiring today and it’ll go back up to £99.99 at midnight. We have plenty of stock and its a brilliant console, the ultimate multimedia gaming device for retro gamers.

The Dingoo A330 Handheld Retro Gaming Emulator is an all-in-one portable gaming handheld and media player.
The Dingoo A330 supports a very large variety of game, music and video formats, making this console the ultimate portable multimedia gaming device for retro gamers.
The system features Linux support, an on-board radio, and much more. It’s the newest installment in the Dingoo console family, with upgraded hardware, new emulators and support for external wireless game controllers.
Available Emulators:
  •  Colecovision
  •  Gameboy
  •  Gameboy Advance
  •  Gameboy Color
  •  MAME Arcade
  •  MSX
  •  NeoGeo
  •  NeoGeo Pocket
  •  NES
  •  Super NES
  •  SEGA MasterSystem
  •  SEGA Megadrive/Gensis
  •  SEGA Game Gear
  •  WonderSwan Color
Packaging – the box contains the following:
  • Dingoo A330 console
  • USB Data/Charge cable
  • A/V Cable
  • USB/Plug adapter
  • Earphones
  • Instruction manual

Don’t have the Dingoo A330 yet? Get it now!