League Bowling – NeoGeo X Games

Big Time Pin Slammin’ Action!

The objective of this game? Have a guess! This version of bowling succeeded where many before had failed due to its simplicity in every possible aspect. Very simple controls, one press for the spin control and a second for the power setting. It was very easy to pass by the time!

leaguebowlingscreen3 leaguebowlingscreen1 leaguebowlingscreen2

 League Bowling comes as part of the games package for the NeoGeo X Limited Edition

There were also three modes of play, which are;

Regular game – this mode is the standard rules and regulation of bowling.

Flash mode – this is an interesting take on the standard game, where points are earned depending on what amount is displayed in a grid that is situated above the pins.

Strike 90 – This mode just changes the scoring system of strikes and spares.

Neo-Geo League Bowling’s graphics are pretty standard fair, and are typical of the early game releases for the system. The sprites and backgrounds are vibrant, and the player is treated with various animations depending on how well you are playing.

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