LIMBO Turned Into C64 Game! (With Video)

LIMBO is a well known game for many, as it showcased a special horror theme in tandem with classic 2D Platformer elements. The title went on to win various awards and is well known to gamers and arachnophobics everywhere. Well, in time for Halloween, a video has been release of a proof of concept using Limbo as if it was Commodore 64 game.


The creators of the game, Playdead, have actually given full permission for him to port the game over the the Commodore 64 is he wants. It’s quite nice to hear creators support such endeavours, whereas bigger companies try and pull the axe on fan projects. The video shows off the standard Limbo gameplay and showcases an interesting take on the title when you look at the difference between the standard graphics and the C64 version.

What do you think? Would you like to see this game, or perhaps another game ported to the Commodore 64? Heck, imagine if some of the Indie Game makers were making things back during the C64 days! That would be quite different for sure!


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