Luigi Dabs In New Super Mario X Rabbids Game And Causes Cringing Everywhere

Will this menace ever end?

As you can see above, the new crossover collaboration that nobody asked for that revolves around the Super Mario colliding with the Rayman Raving Rabbids universe has brought about great disaster. How so? The dabbing of course! Luigi, popular gaming icon is the latest victim in the menace known as dabbing.

Dabbing is the latest ‘hip’ trend amongst youth. A movement that was exclusive to the Hip Hop community back in the early 2000s, has now become a worldwide menace. The likes of Hilary Clinton, James Corden, and now fictional video game plumber Luigi are dabbing!

Nobody knows if it’ll ever truly stop, these attempts at being dank and connecting with the kids. Perhaps Mario will start saying things are lit next? Or perhaps Toad will show Mario that new animu, Cory in the House?

We hope not.

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