Mario Kart VR coming to Japan soon. Time for that Holiday you’ve had planned?

Blue Shells In VR?

The ultimate friendship ruiner is about to be a completely immersive experience that you won’t be able to get away from! Yes ladies and gents, Mario Kart is getting the VR treatment. Now it’s important to know that this is not through the Nintendo Switch. For now.

Dubbed as Mario Kart Arcade GP VR, it’s a project coming from Bandai Namco. They’re no newcomers to teaming up with the big N, and are putting their skills towards making VR just that much cooler. If you took notice of the name, you’ve noticed the Arcade part. Namco is making the game for a place called ‘The ZR Zone’ in Japan. Japan is still one of the last remaining holy grounds for the Arcade, as many still flock to them every day.

We don’t have word on a home release, considering the Mario Kart VR experience will be using the HTC Vive as it’s headset of choice. You probably won’t see the HTC Vive X Switch crossover anytime soon, and it seems like Nintendo is more focused on pushing the monsters on wallets that are the Amiibo. So while it’d be fun to sit down on our couch with friends and enjoy some Mario Kart VR, we’ll have to settle on going to Japan for now.

Check out the video and decide if you want to grab a flight soon.

Are you excited by the notion of Mario Kart in VR? Have you experienced VR before? What do you think of it?


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