MarioMMO Sees Super Mario Bros Become a Multiplayer Game

Super Mario Bros is one the most accessible games of all-time and has easily been played by millions around the world; so how does one make it better? By adding multiplayer elements of course.

MarioMMO, which I assume stands for Mario Massively-Multiplayer-Online, is a fan-made project which sees the original Super Mario Bros NES game integrated with real-time online multiplayer. The result is that everyone who plays the game, which can be accessed through this website, will be able to see other players around them and talk with them via live-chat communication.


Some modifications to the game have also bee made; for starters their is an unlimited amount of time available per level – so players are free to leave the game running without fear of death (unless Goomba’s are nearby of course) – additionally the player has an unlimited number of lives so you can continuously play the game.

MarioMMO has been created by Youtuber Jamesterjim and it’s expected that they will make more online-centric variations of classic games in the coming future; in any event MarioMMO is a perfect game to play with friends, especially at the office.

You can play the original Super Mario Bros game on the GPD XD, BLAZE TAB and JXD; all of which are available to order at