Multi Emulator ‘Mednafen’ now has Sega Saturn Compatibility!

Have you been looking for good Sega Saturn emulation software? Good news awaits you! Anyone who knows about emulation is aware that SEGA Saturn emulation is a pretty difficult thing to do at the moment. Not to say it’s impossible though, as there are a few choices out there that do a decent enough job. Saturn fans can now look to Mednafen for their emulation needs!

For those unfamiliar with Mednafen, it’s an all-in-one package that provides emulation of multiple consoles and computers. To name but a few Mednafen can already emulate the likes of the Atari Lynx, Nintendo Entertainment System, PC-FX, Virtual Boy, and even the Sony PlayStation. Emulation for the Saturn is yet to be released officially on the program, the team behind the emulator recently made available an ‘unstable’ build which introduced support for the 32-bit system.

If you don’t know what Mednafen is, it’s a multi system emulator, which can emulate systems like the NES, Virtual Boy, PS1, and even the Wonderswan! The Sega Saturn side isn’t finished however, but the team has put out a ‘unstable’ build which does allow users to emulate the 32-bit system. You can expect to see further progression with the Saturn as time passes, as there is no doubt that they will want to improve the current build they have going.

The current build is a bit hit and miss with the Saturn Games tested, but plenty of users have reported it working on a select few titles. Which goes to show the success of Mednafen and what it can do, considering the Saturn emulation is in it’s infant state at the moment. This is one program you’ll want to keep your eye on, as you don’t know what they’ll introduce next! Click here to download the current build!

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This has been a news report by Dennis Montoya for FunstockRetro. The #1 for Retro in all of Europe!