Mega Maker Will Let You Make Your Own Mega Man Levels!

Liked Mario Maker? Meet Mega Maker

The level editing scene is one that has always been popular. I remember the first time I gave ‘Kaizo Mario’ a shot and was floored with how tough it was, but also the thought of someone going through the trouble of making it the first place! The hours that will have been spent on testing and making sure everything was perfect for someone to playthrough. Tough, but still possible if you put the effort in.

So it was no surprise that Mario Maker took off when it was released. Who didn’t want to make their own Mario levels to challenge their friends at? It was a golden opportunity for Nintendo that did indeed turn into gold for them! So it led to a question, what other franchises could be made into a ‘maker’ type of game? People have put forth plenty of suggestions from Sonic The Hedgehog and Pac-man, but we’ve not heard anything official just yet.

But to heck with waiting for an official release! The gaming community has been making ROM Hacks and custom levels for years now. It’s nothing new for them, so the first to throw their hat into the maker craze is a game called ‘Mega Maker’. A Mega Man fan game which lets you edit and create your own NES Mega Man levels. It’s a fully fleged game and it’ll be releasing on the 15th of this month, check out the trailer below.

Looks pretty neat, right? We think so too. The only worry is Capcom and their stance. Mega Maker has just turned up and everyone is worrying that they’ll be slapped with a cease and desist right away. It remains to be seen for now, and Capcom has been rather kind to fan projects in the past. However Mega Maker is one of the bigger scale projects seen thus far, and all the media coverage might just get Capcom thinking about how they can use this for their gain.

What about you? Are excited by the prospect of a Mega Man Maker style game? Will you be downloading it on release?

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