Mega Man Movie Still Alive And Well

Blue Bomber is still getting the Hollywood treatment

With the lack of buzz around the subject, you would be forgiven for forgetting there was even a Mega Man movie being worked on. Especially since Mega Man has been a pretty dry subject apart from his recent Legacy Collection sequel. Good ol’ Rockman isn’t seeing the most active of years.

So it is up to the guy still working on it to create some buzz, rather than say… Capcom. Masayori Oka, an actor known for portraying Hiro from the hit TV show Heroes, and recent producer of the Netflix Death Note remake has recently spoken about the subject to let everyone know it is still being done.

Oka has explained that the script is still being reworked and a tone is being set. With tone being reported as lighter than one might expect and focus on making sure game mechanics are portrayed well in the film, which has gone on record to say has been quite tough so far. It’s a good sign though as I doubt anyone wants an edgy Mega Man movie.

He hasn’t said much else apart from the team behind the film being big fans of the games, which is also a plus point. While we’ve yet to see a really good video game film. (TV show slot has been now filled by Castlevania, so we’re getting there.) There is no doubt that we all want to see it done. It’s yet to be seen if Mega Man will be that saving grace, but for now, we’ll be here patiently waiting.

What do you think about the prospect of a Mega Man movie? Are you excited? Let us know in the comments below!

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