Memories of a UK Retro Gamer

Our friends at The Games Shed have recently put together a series of videos in which they ask key UK based YouTuber’s questions about their gaming history; whether it be their favourite gaming character or there guilty pleasure – nothing is left unexplored.

Part 1 – First Console:

This first video in the series asks the all important question of “what was your first console” and while some of these youtubers say the SEGA Mega drive or even the Nintendo Entertainment System there are others with more unique and memorable answers; such as the Atari 2600 and Commodore 64.

Part 2 –  Arcade Memories:

The second video in the series explores the experiences they have had with arcade machines such as the iconic Street Fighter 2 cabinet and where they managed to play them.

Part 3 – Proudest Moment:

The third video in the series sees the youtuber’s share their proudest gaming moments when playing games; but these aren’t your traditional achievements, such as beating Super Mario Bros in one life, these are much more engaging and potentially personal.

Part 4 – Favourite Video Game Character:

The fourth video in the series asks the question that ‘everyone’ has been asked; who is your favourite video game character? For me it’s Miles “Tails” Prower from Sonic The Hedgehog 2, but for these guys in the video it can be anything ranging from Mario to Conker with a few oddities in between.

Part 5 – Gaming Guilty Pleasure:

The fifth video in the series explores those guilty pleasures we all have when playing or buying video games. For some a guilty pleasure can be collecting all-sorts of unique merchandise relating to a particular franchise while to others it can be playing a game that’s a bit different to the norm; it’s something we all share and as demonstrated in the video so do these UK youtuber’s.


Youtubers involved with Memories of a UK Retro Gamer:

Steve Benway –
James AKA Easter Egg Hunter –
Leila from Girlfriend VS –
Mark & Jamie from The Games Shed –
Chris Ashankt –
Chris AKA NovaBug –
Scott Tumilty –
Karl AKA Woodlin37 –
Daniel AKA Ehrgeiz –
Matt & Raff from The Game Show (Coming soon) –

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