Metroid Prequel – Metroid: Rouge Dawn!

The world of ROM Hacking is very interesting. How so? People often write it off as revamped versions of classic games. But ROM Hacking is so much more than that. You have ROM hacks dedicated to increasing the difficulty of particular games using all of the original hardware – Such as Kaizo Mario. Then you have translations of games that never made it to English speaking territories like the Mother series, or as we here in the PAL regions know it as, Earthbound.

The best ROM hacks, however, are the ones that take a base game that everyone knows such as Mario, Castlevania, or Kirby, then proceeds to turn that title into a whole new game. Not just new abilities added difficulty or a few side missions that weren’t in the original game. These projects are the most ambitious ones and are often done by small teams or in some cases just one person on their own with a load of passion in their heart for the source material. 

Metroid: Rouge Dawn is one of those ambitious projects and it does not miss a beat.

A great group of homebrew developers over at have been hard at work on Metroid:Rouge Dawn for about a few years now – Tacking the NES game to unbelievable heights not thought possible with the classic Nintendo hardware. It’s nothing short of excellent with how far the hardware is pushed to come as close to the 16-bit relatives on the SNES.

The team made a little unofficial prequel game that takes inspiration from the NES Manual for Metroid – Based on an untold story of a research ship that came under fire by space pirates, and a previous capsule holding an undescovered lifeform is stolen by the pirates. It’s up to Samus to explore and look for said lifeform, encountering a number of bad guys along the way.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out the game right away and give it a play when you get the chance. You can download the game by clicking here.

If you want the most of this ROM hack then consider downloading it and placing it onto an SD card and using the Retron 5 and Metroid NES Cartridge alongside each other to load the hack, as it brings about a great layer of joy to play games in this manner. We have a load of fun loading translations this way and find it improves the experience!

Let us know your thoughts!


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