Michael Jackson Nintendo Power Glove Picked Up At Estate Auction

The ‘Nintendo Power Glove’ was released in 1989 and was both loved and hated by retro gaming fans at the time (or just ‘gamers’ as they would have been called then) for its innovation and fascinating design coupled with poor games and imprecise, difficult to use controls. It is still a sought after accessory even to this date, however, a very rare version has today been shared, created for the ‘King of Pop’ himself, Michael Jackson!

(Apparently) picked up at an estate auction, the Michael Jackson Nintendo Power Glove is a thing of beauty, glistening with Jackson’s signature crystal rhinestones, giving it the ‘glitz’ and glamour that the original never had the fortune of.

michael jackson power glove

michael jackson power glove

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News source: Reddit user mmmstephen