Mighty Final Fight NES Prototype Demonstrated in Video

Footage of a Mighty Final Fight NES Prototype has recently appeared online; with the owner of the cartridge also offering the game up for sale to those who wish to buy it.

For those unfamiliar Mighty Final Fight is a ‘chibi’ spin-off of the previously released NES game Final Fight and both proved to be popular side-scrolling-platforms at the time they were released.


Unlike the Battletoads NES Prototype, which we reported on last Monday, this Mighty Final Fight Prototype has been played and as such not only has the owner uploaded a video of the game being played but also explains that the only noticable difference is text during the opening sequence.

Of course the game could offer more secrets, as opening the cartridge up presents information such as the EPROM as 9/7/93 and is on a NES-TKEPROM-02-PCB. For the time being at least we can only watch the video shown below.

If you own the original Mighty Final Fight cartridge then you can play it on the Retron 5; alternatively the BLAZETAB, GPD XD and JXD are capable of emulating the NES Console. All four devices are available to order from www.funstockretro.co.uk.