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Mini Emu: The All-in-One Retro Gaming Console

These days, a PC and internet connection are all you need to enjoy instant access to almost the entire history of video games – but hardcore retro gamers are always looking for alternatives, preferably involving a TV box and traditional controller.

Bringing full 1080p HD visuals of PC-emulated retro games to a conventional plug-and-play games console is the Mini Emu, a Raspberry Pi-powered machine capable of emulating an impressive array of retro consoles.

mini emu


The Mini Emu uses Kodi for music and video streaming and comes packed with emulators – storage can be expanded via SD card and the device uses USB ports for controllers (so you could use our retro-inspired controllers and original controller adapters!).

So what consoles do the developers claim the device can handle?

mini emu emulators


Sega Saturn is a big one – we eagerly anticipate getting our hands on one of these to give it a proper test!

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