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Mixtape Monday 03/08/15

Mixtape Monday

Welcome to the very first Mixtape Monday here at FunStock.co.uk! When joining as a contributor to the FunStock community I had lots of ideas for what kind of content I would like to bring to the table, and Mixtape Monday was right at the top of the list. Aside from Retro Gaming, music is probably the other passion that threatens to take over my life and any bit of spare time I am lucky to have.

Mixtape Monday is my chance to share that with all of you, giving each week a theme allows for a wide range of games and musical styles to be brought into the spotlight. Retro games have some of the most memorable music and is all the more impressive when you remember how little space was left on a cartridge once the game had been written.

This week’s theme is “Quintessential Classics” those tracks where you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t love, this week’s remixes vary from solo piano to rock to edm and beyond! (The track list and download instructions can be found below.)

I hope you enjoy this week’s mixtape, see you next week!

Mixtape Monday #1 – 03/08/15

01. The Bounty of a Brain (Super Metroid) – Big Giant Circles
02. Technomagmar (Pokemon Red) – DusK
03. Ebbed Tides and Webbed Feet (Ducktales) – Doc Nano
04. Acid Flashbacks (Mega Man II) – Elnrith
05. The First Story (Final Fantasy) – Bonkers

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