Miyamoto Confirms that Super Mario Bros 3 was just a Stage Play

Ever since Super Mario Bros 3 was released onto the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1988 players speculated that the game acted more like a stage-play rather than a traditional videogame.

The evidence has always been there; the rising curtain before the games menu, the scenery bolted to the backdrop and even the ‘exit stage right’ when completing a level, it all pointed to the game being developed and played out like a stage play and yet no-one at Nintendo would confirm or deny it. That is until today.

As part of the launch weekend for Super Mario Maker, a new Wii U game that allows players to make their own Mario levels and share them with friends, Miyamoto took part in a short one minute interview and answered some long over due questions including the infamous “is mario about to loose a life on the box of Super Mario Bros”.

As part of this interview segment Miyamoto confirms that Super Mario Bros 3 was a designed to be a stage play performance rather than a traditional videogame; so at least thats one mario mystery solved.

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